Epoxy polyester powder coating

    5040WMatt green

    5040WMatt green


    Product features:
    1. epoxy polyester powder coating is made of epoxy resin and polyester resin as film forming material. It provides various colors. Compared with pure epoxy polyester resin, it has good heat resistance and light resistance.
    2. application: suitable for all kinds of furniture, housing appliances, industrial equipment, sports equipment, lighting, display racks, shelves, pet supplies all kinds of indoor metal products.
    3. kinds of gloss and color: high light (more than 85 DEG C), matte (10~85 C), light (below 10). Different gloss and color are required by the customer.
    4. curing conditions: 200 DEG C, 10min
    5. surface effect: provides a wide variety of Arts and crafts, such as sand lines, wrinkles, hammer lines, flowers, transparency and other effects.
    6. packing: A) inner packing: plastic bag
    B) outer packing: carton
    C) net weight: 25KG/ cases
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